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Hand-painted Scarves : Saurachitra and Madhubani

Saura Chitra tribal painting from Odisha – Ladies Scarves

Saurachitra is one form of Tribal Painting from Odisha, practiced by the Saura tribe. Due to lack of promotion and patronage, this beautiful form of art is at the risk of getting lost forever. We , at Arteastic, are trying to revive it by bringing it to the mainstream fashion.

These beautiful  Saurachitra scarves are hand-painted by women from rural Odisha.


Themes of nature and mythology from Madhubani, Bihar – Ladies Scarves

The Madhubani style of painting can be traced to the Madhubani district in Bihar, literally meaning ‘a forest of honey’, where women spent a lot of time making these paintings on the walls of their homes. The women used their keen sense of beauty to create evocative paintings of gods and goddesses, animals and characters from mythology, using natural dyes and pigments and painted with the help of twigs, fingers and matchsticks.

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