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Themes of nature and mythology on a canvas from Mithila, Bihar - Madhubani Painting

The Madhubani/Mithila style of painting can be traced to the Madhubani district in Bihar where it has been accorded the GI status, specific to this region. The art form of Madhubani painting has been greatly dominated by the womenfolk of this region. 


They use their keen sense of beauty to create evocative paintings of gods and goddesses, animals and characters from mythology, using natural dyes and pigments and painted with the help of twigs, fingers and matchsticks. Fine detailing of the village, festivals and religious scenes are a specialty of these ladies.  They painstakingly maintain the authenticity and aesthetic essence of the art with their hard work and passion.


Find an exquisite collection of Madhubani paintings and artefacts selected and picked exclusively for you from Madhubani, Bihar.

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