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Dokra Tribal Jewellery

Dokra Jewellery - Handcrafted tribal wear of stunning designs

Home to 62 tribes, Odisha represents a significant percentage of India’s simple and fun-loving adivasis, who grace the remote interiors of the country. In perfect harmony with nature, these adivasis of Odisha remain largely unaffected by the rapid advances of civilization elsewhere in the state. A life where song, dance and revelry is not entertainment, but a way of life. But what really catches the eye is the amazing array of jewellery worn as a part of their daily life. Wide anklets, delicate nose-rings, quaint armlets, thick neckbands, and multiple earrings: the heavy jewellery complements and competes with the tattoos adorning the tribal women. And the most fascinating aspect is that the designing and crafting of this jewellery – using the Dokra method - has remained unchanged over more than four thousand years. This internationally acclaimed art form with its simple design and traditional folk motifs has made traditional tribal jewellery a highly coveted item.


Tribal jewellery is reflective of the beauty and simplicity of the adivasis. It is as much in harmony with nature as the people themselves. Glamorise yourself with this tribal jewellery today. Just close your eyes, experience the subtle touch of ethnic delight and you might find yourself at one with the adivasis, moving in tandem to the reverberating drum beats and celebrating life in all its simplicity.


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