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Decorative Boxes

A Treasure Trove of Tradition - Hand made Saurachitra and Palm-leaf Boxes

Traditional is trendy! Apart from the craftsmanship and the age-old processes that are meticulously followed to create artisanal art, the colours, patterns and designs usually evoke a sense of wonder at their timelessness. They impart a unique dignity and style to the patron. They are handmade, use sustainable methods, and are eco-friendly. But most of all, they are affordable art.


We at Arteastic launched the Trends collection which we hope will appeal to today’s generation. They will add sparkle to you and your environment. And you will contribute in keeping alive centuries old art forms that might otherwise just fade away.

The Decorative Boxes in our Trends collection are made out of a base of thick cardboard (Saurachitra boxes). Some are also made out of palm leaf.  However, what gets painted on top makes them really stand out. Stunning geometric designs in vibrant colours bring to life these boxes in an earthy and unique manner. In the ones with palm leaf, the leaf gets etched with the designs and then painted.

A small box of your belongings, a treasure trove of tradition. 

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