Stone Sculpture Ganesha with Flute S-99-55

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Beautifully carved  Ganesha with flute in hand, in Pink Stone.

This statue is carved out of the natural pink stone found in Odisha. The different colour shades found on the statue are the natural colour shades of the stone. Since it is hand carved , there could be some inaccuracies, lack of symmetry and proportion, irregularities, and other aspects of human limitations.

Size: 9 inches in height, Weight : 1.5 kgs

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Exquisitely carved  Ganesha, in Pink Stone.

Ganesha or Ganapati, the son of Shiv and Parvati holds a special place in the Hindu mythology and Indian culture. Ganesha, the god of wisdom and learning, is known to have written the epic Mahabharata dictated by sage Vyasa. He is also known as ‘Vighna Vinashaka’ the remover of obstacles and ‘Siddhidayak’ , the giver of success. Vinayak, Ekdanta, Gajanan are some of the many names he is known as. Also worshipped in Jainism and Buddhism, Lord Ganesha symbolizes intellect and positive energy.

This beautiful stone statue is carved intricately following the style of the temple sculptures of Odisha. 




Natural Pink Stone


Natural color of the stone with shades


1.50 KG


9 inches high

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